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Quota USA is a national service organization that links members of all ages, occupations and nationalities in a network of service and friendship. 

Our mission is to strengthen communities by enhancing opportunities and resources for all of its citizens.

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As service is our mission and the heart of Quota USA, local clubs can determine how to meet the needs of their individual communities.  However, Quota USA  provides inspiration and opportunities to join other clubs to share ideas and success stories as well as national service initiatives.   

Membership Benefits

Members of Quota USA connect to people in their communities beyond traditional networks of work, school, church and social groups and clubs to share ideas, provide service and develop lasting friendships.   No other organization offers a way to improve a community’s well-being while expanding an individual’s working knowledge and contacts in the community.  Both in our outreach efforts and fellowship events, Quota USA provides a variety of valuable experiences and members can decide their own time and talent participation.    

While serving others is a top priority, establishing lifelong friendships is a natural result of the work we do together in support of our community causes.  Members of local clubs are invited to grow personally and professionally by helping others and making friends along the way. 

Our members gain satisfaction from helping one person to thousands throughout the country.  Making a difference in the lives of others is our driving force.

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After 101 years of service, Quota International, Inc., is dissolving. In response, US-based Quota Clubs have joined together to form Quota USAan association of clubs located in the United States who want to preserve the core values of Quota by sharing ideas, encouraging each other, serving their communities, and enriching the lives of their members.  Join Quota USA to connect with other Quota members who want to continue the proud name of Quota and further our vision of building strong communities through service.

To learn more about the Quota International dissolution, please visit the QI Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/QuotaInternational/.

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About the organization

Quota USA is a national service organization whose mission is to strengthen communities by enhancing opportunities and resources for all of its citizens.

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